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Let's find (or fix)

your voice.

Let's face it: there's a lot of bad singing advice on Beyoncé's internet. You're here because of your voice. I'm here to help. But this isn't just about some voice lessons or online course -- this is about transforming you into the confident singer you were born to be.

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Ready to sing with confidence but...

Your voice always breaks in unpredictable areas? You can't seem to make it through a phrase without gasping for air? You typically lose your voice from trying to project? You have no clue how to warm up?

The Singer's Rx was Made for You.

The Singer’s Rx is a self-paced program that corrects all of the common vocal faults you’ve been struggling with until now: breath, breaks, range, power, clarity, pitch, and confidence. Each unit is curated with lessons, examples, walkthroughs, and resources to help you troubleshoot your voice and magnify your assets.


Start, continue, or finish when it's convenient for you. Everything revolves around your schedule!

Fair Pricing

Voice lessons can be pricey, and it takes many lessons to get lasting results. The Singer's Rx is a one-time fee with lifetime access.


Who doesn't love working from home? Find space to complete the lessons on your time.


What's Covered?

Each unit covers a vocal building block essential to confident singing. Everything is broken down into easily digestible videos, assignments, and resources. Nothing too collegiate, but always très effective.


Welcome to the core of your voice! In this unit, we demystify alignment and breath support. I've also included some actionable techniques so that you're always able to fix yourself.

Understanding Your Voice

Many singers don't have a clue what works best for their voice type, let alone what their voice type actually is. Understanding your voice is essential to picking songs that show you off.

Preparing Your Voice

NEVER sleep on warming up your voice properly before singing. Singers have a difficult time managing warm ups and their vocal break. In this unit, not only do I teach you about the break, but I give you some warm ups to use whenever.

Singing for a Lifetime

Vocal health and care is essential to vocal longevity. This entire unit is devoted to everyday routines you need for sustainable singing and red flags to look out for.

What Is Your Voice Giving Right Now?

No other singer shines like the confident singer.

Let's choose you and your voice and get your confidence back.

Meet Your Diva-In-Residence

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Calebria Webb

Owner & Instructor

I’m Calebria, a dynamic classical mezzo-soprano and 10+ year Music and Voice Education Expert. My superpower is helping singers of all genres find their voice, curate their signature sound, and sing with confidence. I’m a solutions based coach, always working to help your voice sound unique, while still perfectly fitting within your body. Over the past decade, I’ve taught youth to mature adults, and find joy in teaching singing. As a singer, I’ve spent a lifetime studying with professionals, and after finding who and what clicked for me, I used what I learned about my voice to help you find yours. My mission is to arm all singers with the tools necessary to have a sustainable voice over a lifetime.

Built for singers, by a singer.

Inside The Singer's Rx, you will learn how to eliminate breathiness, what your voice type is and how to use it as a superpower, warm up your voice before singing, smooth the breaks in your voice, eliminate pitchy singing, project your voice without hoarseness, keep your voice healthy, and find your voice and sing with confidence. 


The Singer's Rx


One-time investment

Lifetime Access


Curated Lessons

Collective Community

Access to Coaching

Digital Downloads

Btw, I'm a real person who enjoys hearing from real people.

This isn't some situation where I have a team of customer service pros at your disposal. I'm a solo dolo team of one, and reply to questions within 24 hours. Any burning questions? Email me at If you just want to connect, check my socials below.

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If you've been waiting for a sign to start something new, consider this it.

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