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Your Breathing Could Use Some Work.

Let's fix that in an hour.

Better Breathing + Confidence = Better Singing

Leaky lungs no more! Join me virtually for one hour as we uncover strategies and approaches to sing with confidence by starting with your breathing. We will work through some group exercises and learn in a masterclass format. 3 singers will be randomly selected to receive public one-on-one instruction in the masterclass implementing the strategies we will cover. This workshop is for ages 18+.

This Workshop Will Cover:


Sustainable Breathing Techniques

We will discuss and demo how to support your singing with your body and breath, how to recover in your phrases, and where your breathing should take place.


Breathing through the Nerves

The first thing to go when you're nervous is your breath. Learn how to play nice with your nerves and have a performance of merit, every time.

Image by MD Duran

Breathing for the Melody

Learn how to breathe and support your tone quality. In the masterclass portion, we will uncover what can happen to empower your phrase.

Join Me to Breathe (And Sing!) with Confidence.

June 14, 2023 | 7 pm ET | $25 | Zoom

Meet Your Diva-in-Residence

Calebria Webb

I’m Calebria, a dynamic classical mezzo-soprano and 10+ year Music and Voice Education Expert. My superpower is helping singers of all genres find their voice, curate their signature sound, and sing with confidence. I’m a solutions based coach, always working to help your voice sound unique, while still perfectly fitting within your body. Over the past decade, I’ve taught youth to mature adults, and find joy in teaching singing. As a singer, I’ve spent a lifetime studying with professionals, and after finding who and what clicked for me, I used what I learned about my voice to help you find yours. My mission is to arm all singers with the tools necessary to have a sustainable voice over a lifetime.

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Designed for singers, by a singer.

If you're tired of battling your body while singing, then join me for an hour of instruction that will give you the tools to singing with confidence for the years to come. Start building a voice that you're proud of, one piece at a time.

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