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successful singer

starts with your belief and confidence in YOUR VOICE
Music with Calebria provides vocal coaching to singers and performing artists to ace auditions, solidify vocal technique and sing with confidence.

experience three days of my signature framework

A three-day video challenge that will prepare your voice for better singing!

i have a question for you...

Are you stuck in your vocal journey? 
And not stuck meaning a few days of misdirection. I'm talking weeks, months, maybe even years of not knowing where to start or how to take your voice to the next level.

You need a place that will cater to your learning style AND a coach that will not only hold you accountable but nurture and grow your talent!

Top Level Vocal Training

Vocal Technique 
Vocal Health 

Hi, I'm Calebria!

I’m a Detroit based classical mezzo-soprano and voice geek! I specialize in vocal technique, sustainability, performance, and confident singing


the word on the singer's block

“Calebria is thorough, passionate and knowledgeable. If you're looking for a professional instructor who is driven and well-versed...she is the one!”

- Marquise W.

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